Automotive locksmiths use specialised tools and techniques to open car doors without damaging the lock. They may use a slim jim, a wedge, or a hook to slide between the door and the weather-stripping to push the unlock button or release the latch. In some cases, they may need to pick the lock. Once the door is open, they can make a new key for the ignition and door locks.

For unlocking older cars that have switched lock and unlock buttons near the inner panel of the doors, an Automotive locksmith will most likely use a specialised tool, like a long reach tool, to press the unlock button. Automotive locksmiths are also able to replace worn out door lock cylinders and install new ones. Automotive locksmiths can make keys for cars that have keyless entry or push button start ignitions. They can also program transponder keys and remote key fobs. Automotive locksmiths can also make duplicate keys for cars that have a standard ignition switch. Automotive locksmiths can also install new door lock cylinders and make keys for them. Automotive locksmiths can also rekey Ignition switches. Automotive locksmiths are trained