Automotive locksmiths utilize specialized tools and techniques to unlock automobile doors with no damage to the locks. They can use a slim wedge, a jim or hook that slides into the gap between the lock and weather-stripping, which allows them to press the unlock button or unlock the latch. In certain situations they might need to open the lock. After the door has been opened they can create new keys for the ignition as well as door locks.

To unlock older vehicles with lock switches and unlock buttons located on the inside on the door, an automotive locksmith will likely employ special tools, like the long reach tool to push an unlock lever. Automotive locksmiths also have the ability to repair worn-out door lock cylinders as well as install new ones. Automotive locksmiths are able to make keys for vehicles with keys that are key-less or have push button ignitions. They also can program transponder keys as well as remote fobs for keys. Automotive locksmiths are also able to make duplicate keys for vehicles with a standard ignition switch. Automotive locksmiths can also set up new cylinders for door locks and create keys for these locks. Locksmiths from Automotive can also reset ignition switches. Automotive locksmiths are educated

Can an automotive locksmith create an exact copy of a car key with no original?