Everyone has been through it. You’re trying unlock your door and the key breaks in half. It’s an unpleasant experience and it may make you feel in a state of helplessness. What is the reason keys break through lock doors? Here are a few of the most frequent reasons:

1. Keys that are worn down Keys over time may be worn out and weak. This is especially the case when they are made from soft metals such as brass. As the key wears out, it is less likely to crack when it is inserted inside the locking device.

2. Keys cut poorly Keys that are cut poorly: If a key is badly cut it might not fit correctly within the lock. This can cause the lock to break when you attempt to place it.

3. Rust: Rust may cause keys to crack for two reasons. Rust can first cause keys to become stuck inside the lock. The second reason is that rust may cause the metal to weaken around the key, which makes it more susceptible to snapping when it is placed in the lock.

4. Cold weather: Cold temperatures can lead to keys breaking due to two reasons. The first is that the metal keys can shrink during cold temperatures, making it more susceptible to snapping when it is inserted into the lock. Additionally, cold temperatures can cause the lubricant within the lock melt, making it difficult to turn the key.

5. Locks with jams If a lock for a door has been damaged, the lock could add extra stress to the key, which can cause it to crack.

If you are in a spot in which your key is broken inside your locks for your door, you shouldn’t be concerned. Emergency locksmiths are on hand 24/7 to help you gain entry to your home. They are equipped with the equipment and expertise to remove the damaged key and help you get back to your home.

Benefits of Emergency Locksmiths:

Did you realize that a locksmith could assist you in opening the safe in case you’ve lost your key?